Private Hikes

Corporate Hikes

Research shows that time spent outdoors, in nature, improves mood, lowers depression and anxiety, and, in a group setting, develops relationships.

Team Building Corporate Outing Client Appreciation

Our mission: to bridge the gap between Bostonians, New Englanders, and the White Mountains–reconnecting people with the outdoors.
End-to-End Adventures
A friendly, safe, and adventurous guided hiking experience.
We provide rides to & from the Greater Boston area.
Expert Guidance
Highly qualified guides accompany you from start to finish.
Daypacks, hiking poles, hydration, first aid, snacks, and more.
Small Group Setting
Explore the wilderness, reconnect with nature, and your fellow hiker

Treat Your Team

Get your team outdoors to unleash creativity, teamwork, and adventure in a safe, semi-structured group hike.

We can help make your next event memorable and impactful with our curated, full-service, end-to-end guided group hiking and outdoor experiences.

Our Outdoor Ethos

Guineafowl Adventure Company respects the great outdoors and the humans who recreate there. We abide by Leave No Trace principles and hold space for inclusivity and equity in the outdoors.

Our core values:

  • Provide Access to the Great
  • Outdoors
  • Prioritize Safety
  • Facilitate Connections
  • Engage Curiosity
  • Seek Out Adventure

Hikes for Everyone

Hikes fall into one of three categories: Easy, Moderate, and Strenuous.

  • Easy: 2-5 miles; 500 ft-2,000 ft gained; 3-5 hours; 50-60 min/mile
  • Moderate: 5-10 miles; 2,000 ft- 4,000 ft gained; 5-7 hours; 40-50
  • Strenuous: 10-20 miles; over 4,000 ft gained; 7-10 hours; 30-40 min/mile

We can help you choose the right hike for your group's interests and abilities.

Private Hikes

For people who prefer a one-on-one setting or who have specific goals such as AT section hikes, certain mountains they want to summit (“peak bagging”), or traverses they wish to accomplish (such as the Presidential Traverse), Guineafowl offers both single-day and multi-day private guided hikes. Similar to our small group hikes, we can provide round-trip transportation, all the planning, and all the gear you need for your journey with us. Have your own gear and just want a guide, that’s fine too, we’re flexible!

Private hikes are available year-round and can be tailored to fit any client's goals. These hikes must be booked directly with one of our guides, so please reach out to us by clicking the Inquiry button below or by emailing us via our contact form on the website.

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