Our mission: to bridge the gap between Bostonians, New Englanders, and the White Mountains–reconnecting people with the outdoors.

Guineafowl Adventure Company

The team at Guineafowl Adventure Company has collectively hiked thousands of miles–many of them in The White Mountains–and along the way, we’ve all fallen deeply in love with everything nature has to offer. The expansiveness of its beauty, the perspective-shifting experiences it provides, and the space it allows for connection all prove that the wilderness is truly the great equalizer.

But over the course of our time on the trail, we've noticed a shift in the way our society experiences the outdoors; with less than half of all Americans spending recreational time outside, despite the substantial benefits it imparts upon our mental and physical health.

The problem, we discovered, isn't that people don't want to get outside–it's that they don't know where to start.

We've found that despite so many folks dreaming about hiking the White Mountains, for example, they hit a wall when it comes to mapping out their trip, finding reliable transportation, or buying the proper gear.

And that isn't okay with us.
So we created Guineafowl Adventure Company to provide a full-service, end-to-end, guided, small group hiking experience.
Our mission: to bridge the gap between Bostonians, New Englanders, and the White Mountains–reconnecting people with the outdoors.

Our promise: to do so responsibly, ethically, and with sustainability in mind.

​Because, just like Guineafowl, we don’t believe in leaving anyone behind.

Why Guineafowl?

We. Love. Guineas. Not just because of their quirky personalities; but because they demonstrate some of the most aspirational qualities in the animal kingdom. And we believe that emulating them could lead to great things for humankind.

Guineafowl are fiercely loyal, and highly protective of their flock (called a “confusion”. Cute, right?). They travel everywhere together, moving as a solitary unit. They shriek out an “alarm” if one strays too far from the pack. But they’re by no means cowardly–they love to roam and have no observable boundaries for where they may go.

At Guineafowl Adventure Company, we strive to embody these philosophies; we know we are stronger, and safer, as a pack. And we know that as long as we are together, we can go absolutely anywhere we want to go...no matter the unknowns.

About the White Mountains

Often overlooked in favor of their West Coast counterparts, “The Whites” may be among the most underrated mountain ranges in the country. With sweeping multi-peak vistas, sky high rocky ridges, and stunning valley views combined with all of the seasonal splendors the East Coast has to offer, there is nothing the Rockies can do that the White Mountains can't do better (with approachable elevation levels, nonetheless).

Indeed, with more than 1,200 miles of trails winding throughout its vast and expansive wilderness, Bostonians and New Hampshire natives alike need look no further than their own backyard for the outdoor experience of their dreams.

And though the landscape is just as authentically rugged as they'd expect, with our help, The White Mountains may actually be more accessible than originally thought.

Our Pack Leader

Dave Fatula

A lifelong outdoorsman and New Englander, Dave founded Guineafowl Adventure Company as the ultimate manifestation of a job he truly loves: one where he can be out in the wilderness, make connections with others, and lead them through potentially perspective-shifting experiences. And it all started through a life-altering realization of his own.

In the wake of the pandemic, Dave had finally come to accept something profound about himself: that he was no longer willing to sit behind a desk and watch the opportunity for adventure pass him by.

After looking back at his lifetime spent hiking, trail running, camping, and biking in the mountains, he realized that his passion for being outdoors had in fact, over time, become expertise.

So, after more than 20 years of working in professional investment firms, he decided it was time to pack it out and create a company which involved the things that made his heart skip a beat. 

Most of those things occurred outdoors, of course...and the rest of them called for doing good by other people and the planet. 

With these passions combined, Dave’s Boston-based hiking and adventure company was born. Today, he hopes to provide spaces that are safe, social, and ethically thoughtful enough to help folks push themselves for the sake of growth, connection, and exploration–just as he was able to do.

When he’s not hiking, you might find Dave spending time with family and friends, playing with his kids, and enjoying other outdoor activities such as golfing, snowboarding or sitting around the closest convenient campfire.

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