Media Appearances

Part of being a guide is sharing knowledge—and our guides have lots of it. From podcast and television appearances to emceeing weekend-long outdoor industry expos, check out all our team’s media appearances below. And check back soon for more! 

Explore New England TV

In the beautifully-shot Greening of the Whites, Dave Fatula guides the Explore New England TV crew on a May hike up to Arethusa Falls, melting snowpack and spring rains providing plenty of water for the raging falls.

Alongside trout fishing and fiddlehead foraging, it’s a wonderful reminder of how spring always just kind of appears overnight in the White Mountains—and you don’t want to miss it. 

Hike Strong Podcast

Check out Dave Fatula on Hike Strong Podcast episode #3. Run by Marcus Shapiro of FitForTrips, Dave and Marcus discuss the timeless east coast vs. west coast hiking rivalry.

Dave makes a convincing case for the White Mountain National Forest—despite its smaller stature and peaks—as a wild and beautiful playground for adventuring, filled with challenging trails and year-round fun. 

Apex Lifestyles Podcast

Serra Langone chats with Dr. Robert Gauthier and author Dennis Vanasse on their podcast Apex Lifestyles about her accomplishments as a runner, her transition from weekend warrior to ultra runner, and completing a 100 mile race in less than 30 hours. 

Amongst Serra’s stories of grueling achievements as an ultra runner, she offers a takeaway applicable to us all: always asking yourself what’s the next thing? 

Boston Outdoor Expo

Guineafowl’s founder and owner, Dave Fatula, emceed the weekend-long Boston Outdoor Expo in April, 2024. 

Dave helped welcome thousands of guests, two dozen speakers, and more than 30 brands to the Boston Expo Center, leading discussions with such visionary leaders in the outdoor industry as Scott Jurek, Mirna Valerio, Sir Randolph Fiennes, Lea Davison, and Kimber Cross.

Dave also facilitated interactive discussions on Leave No Trace and hiker preparedness.  

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