Team Building in the Outdoors

Hiring and retaining talented employees is essential to a company’s long-term success. But, increasingly, corporate culture and inter-office camaraderie are the biggest factors in employee satisfaction.
May 19, 2022

How Corporate Outings on the Trail can Improve Culture and Boost Productivity

Hiring and retaining talented employees is essential to a company’s long-term success. But, increasingly, corporate culture and inter-office camaraderie are the biggest factors in employee satisfaction. Companies that want to invest in their employees' success know that thoughtful team-building exercises can help create strong bonds between employees and the company.

An outdoors-focused corporate outing is a perfect backdrop for some serious team-building. Getting your team away from the office and out of their suits, heels, and ties means they can relax and lean-in to the experience. A guided hike in the White Mountains may be exactly what your team needs to thrive.

What is a Corporate Outing?

Corporate or company outings reinforce corporate culture and reward employees with unique experiences. In addition, company outings often provide an informal atmosphere

where employees can let their unique personalities shine, get to know each other as people, and build bonds that improve morale and the bottom line.

Company outings also give employees a chance to recharge their enthusiasm for the company’s mission and unleash their creativity in a new environment. Outdoor activities – especially physical pursuits in the outdoors – are proven to inspire creativity and improve mental health.

Guineafowl Adventure Company offers special packages for companies looking to get their teams into the outdoors. Our guided hikes in the White Mountains are a great place for people of all experience levels to enjoy nature, build camaraderie, and learn to push their own limits. Our experienced guides lead the way, starting with round-trip transportation from Boston. So, your team doesn’t have to worry about a thing, except learning how their colleagues feel about getting a little dirt on their boots.

Team Building Opportunities

Assembling great teams doesn’t happen by accident. It’s often the result of careful selection by recruiters and thoughtful onboarding and relationship stewarding by human resources professionals. Great teams also look for ways to constantly improve – both individually and together. That’s where team-building activities come in. And while there are several activities that are well suited to team building – hiking in the White Mountains combines the benefits of nature and the outdoors, with the value of group accountability.

Group hiking is quite literally all about teamwork. Essential gear is distributed among each hiker, and the group moves as fast as the slowest member of the group. The team’s skills and strengths will be called on during the hike when the group encounters challenging terrain, needs to traverse a water crossing, or wants to learn more about the local flora and fauna.

Our guides love leading teams of all kinds through the White Mountains: corporate outings, executive retreats, family reunions, college get-togethers, and more.

Whether your team is full of outdoor enthusiasts or they’ve never stepped foot on a wilderness trail, Guineafowl Adventure Company can create a hiking experience to accommodate. Our goal is to create a safe, fun, inclusive hike where everyone goes home with a smile, a story to tell, and the itch to do it again soon.

Booking a Company Outing
Choosing the right difficulty level for your team is important. All of our hikes abide by specific criteria to help you determine your team’s skill level and choose the right hike for your group. Take a look at our weekly hike offerings to get an idea, then contact us to talk about private and corporate group hike options. If you’re not sure what difficulty is right for your group, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of each hike so you feel comfortable and prepared to make a decision.

If your team is already skilled and looking for more adventure than one of our standard hikes, we hear you. You name it, we’ll (probably) do it! Whether you’re looking for a first-time Presidential Traverse, stringing a few 4,000-footers together in a single day (aka peak-bagging), or just looking for a shorter hike that has special meaning to you and your team, our guides are ready to help you plan your corporate outing.

Guineafowl Adventure Company provides full-service, turnkey guided day hikes in the White Mountains and beyond for people of all abilities and experience levels. We take care of all the planning and preparation for hiking and provide round-trip transportation from the Greater Boston area, day packs with hydration and snacks, safety and convenience items, and friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced guides to lead the way!

Guineafowl's mission is to remove the barriers and obstacles that keep people from exploring nature, so they can feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed while experiencing the physical and mental health benefits of hiking and connecting with nature.

Visit our website to schedule your guided hike or contact us to book a private excursion.

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