ACE Winter Hiking Club


ACE Winter Hiking Club

Winter hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the views offered by a leafless landscape, the crispness of the air, the way the forest sounds, and warming up on a cold day. Hike local wilderness areas such as the Middlesex Fells Reservation and the Western Greenway, led by an experienced guide. Engage your curiosity, seek out adventure, build camaraderie, and increase your stamina on hikes of varying distances and challenges. Gain winter hiking confidence as you learn how to use micro-spikes on ice, snowshoes on fresh powder, and headlamps when our hikes continue past sunset. Our club will culminate in an optional full-day hike in the White Mountain National Forest.

Youth Trek
$159 - $295
Elevation Gain
Hike Score
Time on Feet
Expected Pace

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Pickup & Dropoff: Gibbs students should look for the van at 3:00pm. It takes 15 minutes - 20 minutes to get from Gibbs to Ottoson. Ottoson students pickup time will be between 3:15 - 3:20pm.

All necessary equipment (including hiking backpacks, microspikes, snowshoes and headlamps) will be provided for both the club and the hike.

Sturdy and waterproof boots, wool or synthetic layers, and cold weather outerwear including gloves and winter hat are required.

Note: The full-day hike is on Sunday, March 3 and is open to Hiking Club members only, register separately.

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